• Livestock

    Coverage is available to cover livestock under your farm policy. Most policies provide broad cause of loss coverage for livestock and offers extension that covers death by accidental shooting or by being struck by a train or a vehicle. Most companies also have additional endorsements you can add for things like suffocation and lightning.

    Farm policies do not provide coverage for losses caused by livestock disease or from old age or natural death. Farm policies typically provide a special limitation on the value of any one animal.

    Specialized coverage, known as Livestock Mortality, protects against livestock disease, old age or death by natural causes. This almost always means a separate policy through a different company, but we can offer you full mortality insurance. Even if you are renting another's animal for breeding purposes and they will be on your property for a period of time, we are also able to insure that animal in case something happens during transport or on your property. We currently have all sorts of animals insured for mortality including horses, bulls and even a yak!