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The Little State Fair

As we end our 30th year of doing business, we have been reflecting back on where it all began.

As we continue to grow as a company and expand across the great state of Ohio, Paul never forgets where it all began. Brown County has and always will be home base for Paul Hall & Associates. One of the many great features of calling Brown County home is The Little State Fair.


The Little State Fair is celebrating its 167th year this year! We have not been around quite that long, but we are celebrating our 30th year being involved in the Brown County Fair this year. What great memories Paul and our team have from the fair and our involvement over the last 30 years!

 We started out in a small booth with a dirt floor over in the original Goslin Building. We eventually ended up getting moved to the corner spot, right by the paging booth! Over the years, we were upgraded from dirt to gravel and even had electric to serve some hot coffee on those really cold 90’s fair weeks. Some of you may remember our train. Paul and his dad spent countless hours getting that track put together before the fair started every year.


 Overtime, Paul was spending more and more of his time over towards the junior fair portion of the fairground; watching your children show, supporting the livestock sale and of course making sure the Pork Producers and Cattleman’s booths were selling at least a couple sandwiches a day! He eventually had the opportunity in 2002 to build his own building over by the beef barn so he could donate the back half of his building for the Junior Fairboard to use as they saw fit.


Today, this is the building we are still in! We love being able to see as 4-H and FFA members are preparing for shows, showing their projects and then selling their projects at the end of every fair week.We are also right down from the Junior Fair Corn Roasting booth which we were so excited to help sponsor by purchasing the roaster for them!


 Throughout our 30 years at the Brown County Fair, we have seen a lot of change, a lot of faces and a lot of growth in our youth. We have become a stopping booth for most attendees, a fun memory lane for those 4-H and FFA members whose sale pictures hang among our walls and most importantly to us, a staple among those supporting our youth, the future of our county, state and country. We have purchased over 600 animals at the fair through the years and we truly enjoy seeing the progression of all those members as they grow up and become adults.


 As we prepare for the 167th Little State Fair, we are excited to see all of you again this year! If you are in a photo hanging on our walls from our past junior fair sales, please come in and see your blast from the past! Regardless, make sure you stop by and see us as well as go and support the Junior Fair Corn Booth!  Before we get there though, have a little fun looking through some of our memories from the great Brown County Fair!






  Come find your photo like this in our booth this year!