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We are a family company dedicated to assisting all our clients in making the best possible decisions for auto, home, farm, commercial and life insurance. Our comprehensive line of products, combined with our experienced staff and top-rated customer service give you the tools you need to properly insure your family, farm and business.

As a family business with farm experience, we’ve been where you are. We care about our community. We care about keeping people and businesses in Ohio and Kentucky protected. Established in 1988, we have worked hard to stay current in the industry so you have the most reliable resources available, along with a knowledgeable staff trained with the integrity and initiative to truly provide you with all you need.

Let us help you assess your requirements and provide the best policy choices for your personal needs. We invite you to browse through our website, or contact us at 1-800-525-HALL (4255).

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  • Motorcycle

    A motorcycle insurance policy is similar to what you know as an auto policy. You need to make sure you have coverage for you, your motorcycle and for others. If you have any custom equipment on the bike, you can also add extra coverage for those additions.

  • Camper Insurance

    Many campers are like a second home. You use it at the lake, the fairgrounds and for family vacations. Because it is a second home, we want to treat it as such when we insure it!

  • Boats

    Boats are a lifestyle for those who own them. Boat insurance is necessary to protect you and your passengers. Make sure you are properly covered so you can have a good time on the water without worrying about insurance!

  • Auto Insurance

    Your car is a necessity, a convenience and a source of enjoyment. You want a reliable car and you need insurance you can count on. Let us help you.

  • Classic Cars

    Your Car is a collectible that you want to enjoy on the road - the way it was meant to be enjoyed. Let us help you protect it properly.

  • Health Insurance

    Is your health insurance costing too much? Is your deductible too high? Can you see your own doctor? Let us help set you up with plan that can benefit you.

  • Homeowners

    You are looking into buying a house. One of the first things your mortgage broker will ask for is proof of insurance. How can we help get you into your new home faster?

  • Identity Theft

    Every hour of the day, criminals use tricks and sophisticated tools to try and break into people's email, internet banking and records. Are you protected from having your identity stolen?

  • Life Insurance

    In today's financial environment, it's important to know that there are some things you don't have to worry about. Things that your kids don't need to worry about. Is your family set?

  • Umbrella

    You've insured your car and your home. If the unexpected should occur, make sure you protected by protecting your assets.

About Paul Hall & Associates

About Paul Hall & Associates

Our staff of 25 average over 10 years in experience and have rural backgrounds. Over half of our staff have graduated from college and all of our staff members have continuing education requirements that they must meet every year. What makes us different?

  • We still answer our phones.
  • Agents are accessible on nights and weekends.
  • Emergency Service Line available 24/7.
Meet Our Team

What customers say About Paul Hall & Associates

  • Eric Wolfer

    As a Past Board Member of the Ohio Farm Bureau Federation, my family appreciates that Paul Hall & Associates supports organizations like OFBF, 4-H and FFA. Not only do they support agriculture but they understand it and what we need to be protected.

  • Jay Hellmann

    For over 25 years, Paul has been my insurance agent. Farm, auto, motorcycle, life and retirement, he has it all because I trust him and Nationwide. Like my lawyer and CPA, I depend on him.

  • Aubrey Earhart Bolender

    Hello, my name is Aubrey Bolender. My husband and I are both fourth generation farmers, managing our family’s grain and cattle operation in southwest Ohio. I grew up on a grain operation and Adam was raised on a dairy farm. We both are very active in the agriculture community and that provides us with a good background to understand what others in agriculture look for. That is why I am writing this today.

    I want to talk to you about Paul Hall & Associates. I have known Paul Hall for many years on both a professional and personal level. I believe he and his associates have built remarkable working relationships with farmers and their families simply because of their integrity and dedication to protecting our families’ businesses and the future of our livelihood.

    I use the word integrity because I believe that it means doing what is right even when no one else is looking. My first memories of Paul and his insurance agency began with the junior sale at our county fair many years ago. To this day, Paul Hall & Associates is still supporting youth at many county fairs. He goes beyond supporting just those children whose parents hold policies with the agency. There have been many instances where Paul has pitched in some extra bids to help all of the kids out – even after the sale has ended and the deed goes unrecognized in the sale ring (I know this only because I collect the donations in the sale office).

    From a professional standpoint, my parents have carried their insurance with Paul Hall & Associates for many years for their grain operation. I can never recall a time that they weren’t satisfied with the knowledge and service provided by Paul and his staff. When my husband and I began our own operation seven years ago, it was really a no-brainer as to which company with whom we’d insure our farm. Paul Hall & Associates worked with us to create a policy that fit our individual needs – which at the time included our home farm, grain storage, cattle, some equipment, as well as insuring our freezer beef sales and business.

    After seeing how efficient and easy Paul was to work with, my husband’s family has since moved their policy to the agency. They have met with the whole family many times to review their past policy– discovering that there was a lot of overlap as well as gaps in the old policy. His office was able to create a new plan that encompassed all facets of an extensive grain and cattle operation, as well as each of the four separate families involved – with the intent of covering our assets and at the same time saving us money.

    In the business of agriculture, it’s invaluable to be able to trust those who are responsible for protecting everything for which you have worked so hard. And in today’s world, I believe that protecting the assets of the family farm has brought itself to the forefront of the business’s priorities now more than ever. If you are looking for a company that is based on integrity, knowledge and service, then look no further than Paul Hall & Associates. There is no other agency we would trust to take care of our future.

  • Neil Rhonemus

    In our ever changing industry, it is vital to have advisors that you know are working to protect your farm. As an ag based insurance agency, I believe that trusted advisor is Paul Hall & Associates.